Royal Baby Shower Menus

Our “Royal Baby Shower” theme seems to be quite a hit! This is another variation we just created for a loving mommy-to-be! This time we are printing menus with this theme. Check it out here. The listing is for 20 menus, at $45 total. If you would like to purchase, please email me beforehand so that I can customize to your needs! Quantity and pricing does vary!
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1st Wedding Expo!

About 2 weeks ago, I had my first ever Wedding Expo. No, no, not as a bride, or a bridesmaid, as a vendor (we’ve got a loooong way until those roles are switched). It was an experience to say the least. What I have compiled here, is a list of tips and things I wish I knew about my first go around. I hope you find this helpful whether it’s your first or your tenth!

1. Business Cards. Yes, you have a real business, this isn’t just for fun. People actually want to buy your things, so you need something you can hand to a potential customer so that they can go back to your website/social media outlets to check out your goods.

2. Square. Have you heard of this? This little guy is probably the best invention for all small business owners. It’s only $10, and it’s a card reader. You plug it right into your smart phone or tablet, download the app, and voila. You now accept credit cards. GENIUS. Check out the website:¬†

3. Pricing Structure. What are you going to charge people? This is imperative to nail down, because if you are uncertain, potential customers are going to bargain you down, or not think your credible. Know your cost of goods and your margins. Trust me.

4. Table Display. This was my biggest fear that turned into my favorite “thing to do” on my extensive list. You have to establish a look and feel you are going for that fits with your brand. First, start looking around your house. See what you can already use and go from there. It can get pricey, so start where things are free. Another tip: fresh cut flowers. They had life, beauty and color to your table.

5. Raffle & freebies. People LOVE free things. Don’t think you need to hand out cars or ipads… chocolate or candies will do the trick. I put them out right by my raffle which enticed people to fill out a ticket. This is a great way to gather a database.

Happy crafting!