Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


We are obsessed with this new theme for a birthday party. This little girl happens to be turning one, but it could be for any age! Colors used were blush, gold and navy. If you would like to order, check out the listing on Etsy:


Origins of Chickpea

First things first. Chickpea <– this is a nickname my Mommom gave me when I was a little girl. I can remember sitting outside on hot summer days, drawing and painting with her until the fireflies came out. She would call after me “Chickpea, can you hand me the blue pastel?” Hence, Chickpea Cards. She collected roosters, and since “chick” is in Chickpea, it just made sense to have this as my logo.

Next. What do I do? I make cards. I’ve always sent cards out to friends and family, mostly to old college friends that I haven’t seen in a while. There is just something special about receiving something in the mail, isn’t there? I don’t know what it is about seeing your name, hand-written on an envelope, straight out of your mailbox, that instantly puts a smile on your face. It’s just one of those “OMG… I like have to take a pic and post on my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feed… like now” moments. That’s what I love. I love to put smiles on people’s faces.

How did it become a business? I had a lot of inquiries from friends who wanted me to make them cards for special occasions, or special thank you’s for their families and loved ones. From there, I started dabbling in the invitation side of things, and created my first set of invites for my friend’s baby shower. Invites set the tone for your party, and I love coming up with the design that creates the atmosphere and feeling for your special day.

I hope you enjoy my posts to come, and encourage you to check out my other links! Until next time…

Lipstick time with my Mommom

My Mommom and I

First Invite: Royal Baby Shower

First Invite: Royal Baby Shower